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Natural History

Animals in ActionAnimals in Action
Students examine live animals. Program Details »
From river to sink - whats in my drinkFrom River to Sink, What's in my Drink?
Investigating the chemistry of the San Antonio River. Workshop »

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STEM Related Science

Solid Liquid and Gas ProgramSensational Science Showcases
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South Texas Heritage

Ancient texan technology People of the Pecos
Explore the people
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wild and vivid stories of the people in south texasWild & Vivid: Stories of the People
Explore South Texas
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Science Programs

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Interactive Student Programs
45 minutes | $1.50 per student | Reservations required: 210.357.1910
Program start times: 9:30, 10:30, 11:30 and 12:30

Food is Fuel

Grades K-2/Mondays – Fridays/Maximum 30 Students/Available October – March

How do our food choices power our bodies? Students discover the different ways foods fuel our bodies and give us energy to do the things we enjoy. Students learn how to make healthy food choices and practice creating energizing and flavorful snacks! Students will also build a virtual balanced meal in the spectacular new H-E-B Body Adventure Powered by University Health System.

 TEKS: K.1 B,C; K.3 B; K.5 B; K.B A; 1.1 A; 1.3 C; 1.9 A; 2.1 C; 2.1 D; 2.1 G; 2.11 B


Put Your Heart Into It!

Grades 3-5/Mondays – Fridays/Maximum 35 Students/Available October – March

 How important is it to have a healthy heart? In the brand new H-E-B Body Adventure, students take a close look at a real human heart, explore heart-healthy habits, learn how to make heart-smart food choices, and take a virtual bike ride down the San Antonio river.

 TEKS: 3.1 A,B,C; 3.4 B, C; 3.9 D; 3.11 A,C,F; 4.1 A,D,F; 4.2 A,B; 4.8 B; 4.11 B; 5.1 B,C,F; 5.2 A,B; 5.8 B; 5.9 D, E


The Machine Within: Muscle Mechanics

Grades 6-8/Mondays-Fridays/Maximum 35 Students/Available October – March

 Moving, breathing, pumping, thinking – the human body can be like a well-oiled machine! Discover the muscles that keep your body moving, explore the force, motion and energy of simple machines in your own body, and explore the musculoskeletal system at the life-sized anatomy touch-table.



Student Workshops
2.5 hours | $2.50 per student | Presented at 9:30 a.m. - Noon
All workshops are TEKS aligned, inquiry-based, hands-on and relate to students’ everyday experiences. 
Super You!: Body Balance

Grades 4-7/Tuesdays/Maximum 60 Students/Available October – March

 Students dodge, dance, climb, eat and relax their way through the amazing new four-story H-E-B Body adventure! In Super You!, students rotate through a series of hands-on activities that empower and nurture healthy brains and bodies, while discovering the science behind healthy living. Students boost their Health IQ, critical thinking and personal goal-setting skills to discover healthy choices that will lead to a Super You!