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Natural History

Animals in ActionAnimals in Action
Students examine live animals. Program Details »
From river to sink - whats in my drinkFrom River to Sink, What's in my Drink?
Investigating the chemistry of the San Antonio River. Workshop »

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STEM Related Science

Solid Liquid and Gas ProgramSensational Science Showcases
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South Texas Heritage

Ancient texan technologyAncient Texan Technology
Explore the people
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wild and vivid stories of the people in south texasWild & Vivid: Stories of the People
Explore South Texas
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Science Programs

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Interactive Student Programs
45 minutes | $1.50 per student | Reservations required: 210.357.1910
Program start times: 9:30, 10:30, 11:30 and 12:30

Sensational Science Showcases

Solids, Liquids and Gases

Grades K-2/Monday-Friday/Maximum 75 students

Students transform themselves into molecules and demonstrate the differences between solids, liquids and gases in the Molecule Mambo. They will predict outcomes of experiments that explore the building blocks of matter to discover the properties of solids, liquids and gases.

TEKS: K.2 A, E; K. 5 A, B; K.7 A, B; 1.2  A, E; 1.5 A, B; 2.2 A, E; 2.5 A, B, C; 2.8 C

Pre-Activity and Post Activity

What's Hot? What's Not?

Grades 2-5/Mondays-Fridays/Maximum 150 students

Students heat things up with experiments that explore how the addition and removal of heat energy changes the world around us. Students participate in demonstrations and experiments observing heat expansion, contraction, conduction and radiation.

TEKS: 3.4 B, 3.5 B; 3.6 A, 3.8 B; 4.4 B, 4.5 A, B, 4.6 A; 5.4 B, 5.5 A, 5.6 A

Pre-Activity and Post-Activity

What Floats Your Boat?

Grades 3-5/Mondays-Fridays/Maximum 150 students

Get ready to sink or float! Through demonstrations and experiments students engage with a variety of objects to explore the relationships shared by mass, volume and density. They wiill use various forms of matter to predict what will sink of float.

TEKS: 3.2 A,B,D,E,F;  3.3 A, D; 3.4 A,B; 3.5 A,B,C; 3.6 C; 4.2 A,B,D,E,F;  4.3 A,D; 4.4 A ; 4.5 A,B,C; 4.6 D; 5.2 A,B,D,E,F;  5.3 A, D;  5.4 A;  5.5 A,C;  5.6 D

Pre-Activity and Post-Activity

Reactions in Action

Grades 6-8/Mondays-Fridays/Maximum 150 students

It's all about chemistry! Students get elementary with the science of substances and solutions. They participate in demonstrations and experiments to examine chemical properties, observe the effects of mixing and matching chemicals and investigate the cause of chemical changes.

TEKS:  6.2 A, B; 6.4 B; 6.5 A, C, D; 7.2 A, B; 7.4 B; 7.6 A, B; 8.2 A, B; 8.4 B; 8.5 E; Chemistry 1 A; 4 A; 5 B; 10 G, H

Pre-Activity and Post-Activity

Fantastic Forces

Grades 9 - 12/Mondays-Fridays/Maximum 150 students

Students explore the fantastic world of natural forces and the power of air pressure to discover the scientific secrets of everyday things. Students follow in Newton's footsteps as they observe the "push/pull" of gravity and Newton's Three Laws of Motion.

TEKS: 8.2 A, 8.3 B; 8.4 B; 8.6 A, B, C; Integrates Physics And Chemistry 3F; 4 A, C, D-F; 5 D; Physics 2F, 3 D; 4 B, C, D; 5 B; 6 B, D; Principles of Technology 7 B; 8 B; 9 D

Pre-Activity and Post-Activity

Student Workshops
2.5 hours | $2.50 per student | Presented at 9:30 a.m. - Noon
All workshops are TEKS aligned, inquiry-based, hands-on and relate to students’ everyday experiences. 
Super You!: Body Balance
Grades 4-7| Maximum 60 Students | Tuesday (or by special arrangement)
Dodge, dance, climb, eat and relax your way through this fun-filled student workshop. In Super You!: Body Balance students rotate through a series of hands-on activities that empower and nurture healthy brains and bodies. Students will approach this workshop through interactive exhibit components, science and STEM-related investigations highlighting the three exhibit goals of Health IQ, Empowerment, and Wellness.

·         Clean Out Your Kitchen
Explore healthy food choices using nutrition labels and science investigations. Then create and sample a healthy snack.
·         Garden Glimpse
Get outside and dig up ways to have fun in the Texas heat! Learn about UV light, sun protection and hydration. Touch, smell and sample vegetables and herbs from the garden and then relax to notice your surroundings.
·         Get Moving!
What kind of physical activities help make a super you? Set your goals. Get up and get moving while climbing Mt. Witte, riding the H-E-Buddy SkyCycle or playing on the Move It! floor. Have fun while strengthening your heart, muscles and bones.
·         Science Demonstration
Experience a live, interactive health and wellness demonstration. Rotated topics include: Bare Bones, The Digestion Question, Eat the Rainbow, What the Nose Knows, and other presentations as the space is transformed into a demonstration kitchen.