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CLICK HERE to view the NEW Witte Flyover Animation


We want to make sure that you, wonderful Witte visitors, know the latest information
about the upcoming transformation of the Witte Museum, so grand and unprecedented
we are calling it the New Witte. We hope you help spread the word that the Witte will
stay open as the museum metamorphoses, so do keep coming to the latest blockbuster
exhibitions in the Kathleen and Curtis Gunn Gallery, the H-E-B Body Adventure, the
Robert J. and Helen C. Kleberg South Texas Heritage Center and all the accompanying
programs, demonstrations, gallery theater and special events.  Join us as we prepare to
transition the Witte Museum top-tier museum for a City on the Rise. We promise to give
you lots of opportunities to peek at the progress. Here is what you will see being

Valero Great Hall / Orientation Gallery
Ancient Pterosaurs will fly overhead as you enter the new Witte Museum. Modern
technology will process guests through the admissions area and into the Valero
Great Hall. Here you will be immersed deep into the land that is now Texas, both
through time, geology and history. Explore what your land looked like millions,
thousands and hundreds of years ago. Fly over the landscapes of Texas in the
Orientation Gallery and prepare for a fascinating visit through Texas Deep Time.




      Dinosaur Gallery / LAB
Travel back millions of years ago. Stand underneath one of the largest carnivorous
dinosaurs in Texas, the Acrocanthosaurus. See a full size Tyrannosaurus rex.
Explore the lifecycle of a mosasaur that inhabited the ancient seas that once
covered this land. The new Dino Lab will be a fascinating area for school groups
and general visitors alike. Learn how to become paleontologists and participate
in excavations and discover the latest science of dinosaurs.





People of the Pecos/ LAB
Thousands of years ago, the inhabitants of this land embraced the wild natural
environment, making the rock formations their shelter. Learn about the first
people of the Pecos region from the tantalizing evidence and rock art narratives
they left behind. On the second story of the new building, the Rock Art and
Lifeways Labs will allow students and visitors to understand the daily lives of
the first people ancient Texans and how they survived.





 McLean Family Texas Wild Gallery / LAB
The beloved dioramas of Texas Wild will be back in a new, modern space with
a creative and vibrant presence. Stand beneath the big Texas sky and listen for
thunder. Explore the different regions of Texas through the flora and fauna that
make them unique. Your Sounds of South Texas exhibit will be expanded and
enhanced. The SWBC Live Lab and Texas Wild Lab Porch will allow school
children and visitors to get up close and personal with the environment around
them. Popular school programs will take place in an open area two-story classroom.




Mays Family Center for Special Exhibitions and Events
The Mays Family Center will be a vibrant new structure that will bring the latest traveling
exhibits to San Antonio during the summer months. The South Texas community will no
longer have to travel to Houston, Dallas and beyond to see the big blockbuster shows.
Throughout the fall, winter and spring the Mays Center will be available as a marquee
venue for educational, corporate, and social events. Seating for over 700 with a stage
and dance floor is available inside. Additionally, an exquisite outside garden along the
San Antonio River can seat 1,000 guests.





Acequia Madre and Diversion Dam
The most historic spot on the Witte campus dates back to 1719. The Acequia Madre or
Alamo Acequia and Diversion Dam were built by Mission Indians during the Spanish
Colonial period.  They carried water through diversion ditches to the acequia, traveling
the same route as Broadway to the Presidio, to irrigate crops near the missions. Witte
will be connected across the San Antonio River by a lower water crossing to an overlook.



South Texas Heritage Phase

What is an Acequia?


Witte Master Plan


The New Witte and
Bond 2012