Witte Museum Camps

Witte Museum Camps


Spend your Spring Break and Summer at the Witte! From dinos to cowboys and whales to wild weather, the possibilities for learning are limitless. Find your student’s favorite camp and register today!

$330/week, $65/day for members $380/week, $75/day for non-members
*To register for day tickets please email Reservations@WitteMuseum.org or call 210-357-1910.

NEW for 2017!
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m*
 *Drop-off between 8:30 – 9:00 a.m. and pick-up between 5:00 – 5:30 p.m.

March 13-17
Spring Break

Planet Dinosaur Camp, ages 6-8
What did Earth look like millions of years ago when the dinosaurs roamed? What creatures were found right here in what is now Texas? In this camp, be among the first museum visitors to explore the brand new Dinosaur Gallery and Dinosaur Lab! Come discover while learning about the awesome animals that walked on the land, swam in the deep ocean, and flew in the open skies millions of years ago.

Creatures of the Cretaceous Camp, ages 9-12
Dinosaurs weren’t the only animals living during the Cretaceous Period! In this camp, come face to face with the creatures of the land, water and sky that made their home millions of years ago in what is now known as Texas. Dinosaurs, mosasaurs, pterosaurs, crocodiles and more are waiting for you in the brand new Dinosaur Gallery and Dinosaur Lab!

June 5-9
Book the entire Summer, get one camp free!

Next-door Nature Camp, ages 6-8
You don’t have to look far to find amazing discoveries in nature! Explore the world around you and learn just how important it is to care for our planet. In the Texas Wild Gallery and Live Lab, discover the many different habitats found in Texas and get up close and personal with the critters that make it their home. Expect to explore Brackenridge Park and discover what our San Antonio habitat can teach us about the natural world.

Wild about Texas Camp, ages 9-12
Get outside and into nature! Discover how the many different eco-regions of Texas make it one of the most amazing places for animals to survive and thrive. Explore the Texas Wild Gallery and Live Lab and get up close and personal with native Texas creatures and observe their features and behaviors. We will even venture away from the museum to use our observation skills in the “wild” Brackenridge Park. Get ready for a wild adventure!  

 June 12-16

 Under the Sea Camp, ages 6-8
 Reveal the mysteries of the deep in our summer exhibition, Whales: Giants of the Deep! Meet whales from all over the world and even the ones that existed millions of years ago, when this part of the planet was under water! Of  course, no Under the Sea camp would be complete without some wet and wild water activities in River Alive! to help beat the summer heat. 

 Giants of the Deep Camp, ages 9-12
 Whales have long captured the imaginations of people all over the world. Take your imagination into the depths of the ocean as we explore Whales: Giants of the Deep, our special summer exhibition! Discover the sights and  sounds of the whales we know in the oceans today and find out what kinds of “giants” can be found in our very own Riverwalk!
   June 19-23

 Wrangler Camp, ages 6-8
 What did it take to wrangle a horse and live off the land in 1800’s South Texas? What sort of food did they eat on the Trail Drive? Learn this and so much more all week long while exploring the South Texas Heritage Center and  the wild Witte Museum grounds.   Cowboy Camp, ages 9-12
 Grab your Stetson and your favorite pair of boots and join us in the South Texas Heritage Center to become an authentic 1800’s cowboy or vaquero! Learn how to care for your horse, eat like a Trail Driver and even dress like  one!

 June 26-30

 Dino Explorers Camp, ages 6-8
 Ever wonder how fossils end up in museums? Discover what it takes to be a paleontologist, starting with the most important skill you must already possess—curiosity. This camp will give you the tools to explore that curiosity in  the Dinosaur Gallery, Dinosaur Lab, and many other parts of the museum while they find out if they have what it takes to be a paleontologist in training.

Junior Paleontologist Camp, ages 9-12
 What does it mean to work like a paleontologist? What discoveries, big and small, are paleontologists making that shape our understanding of the time of the dinosaurs? Explore the Dinosaur Gallery, observing the different  habitats of prehistoric animals living in what is now called Texas over millions of years. Pick up the tools of a paleontologist and discover just how much work goes into making new discoveries and what those discoveries can  teach us about the prehistoric world.

  July 10-14

 Live off the Land Camp, ages 6-8
 Let the sun keep track of time during this camp at the Witte Museum! Living off the land isn’t only important for if you want to survive in the wilderness. When we choose fruit at a grocery store, we are living off the land. The water  we drink is clean and plentiful if we care for the land, aquifers, rivers and lakes. Explore how the land is essential for our survival. Through hands-on activities, experience the work and rewards of caring for the land.

 Secrets of Survival Camp, ages 9-12
 How do you know if river water is safe to drink? If necessary, would you be able to build a shelter in order to sleep in the wild? Learn techniques and skills that generations of Texans had to master to survive in our sometimes  harsh landscape. Get ready to learn how to track animals and identify edible plants! By exploring our Land Stewardship Lab, discover just how much of Texas is still wilderness and what it takes to conserve and care for the land. 

 July 17-21

 Learn the Ropes Camp, ages 6-8
 What happens behind closed doors at the Witte Museum? Go behind the scenes of our brand new building during Learn the Ropes Camp! Help care for the critters in the Live Lab, compile photos for your own museum archive  and explore what the public never gets to see! Wrap up the week by presenting your very own exhibit created with Witte curators and educators!

 Backstage Pass Camp, ages 9-12
 What does it take to build and maintain a museum exhibit? What about taking care of the animals in the Live Lab? Get an all-access pass to see what it takes to be a member of the Witte Museum team! Together with Witte  curators and educators, the week will end with presenting your very own exhibit museum-wide!

 July 24-28

 Dinolympics Camp, ages 6-8
 Walk through time as dinosaurs! Discover the fastest, largest and smallest creatures of their time. Find out how pterosaurs flew, theropods ran and mosasaurs swam. What made these amazing animals so successful in their  environments? Match up dinosaurs and other creatures to determine who gets the gold, while also learning how their bodies were meant to perform certain movements that make them the best of the best.

 Tracking Dinosaurs Camp, ages 9-12
 What can tracks teach us about the lives of dinosaurs? Believe it or not, these trace fossils help paleontologists discover the size, speed and even behavior of these prehistoric creatures. During this hands-on camp, get ready to  be put into the “shoes” of dinosaurs while they determine how they moved and have the opportunity to reconstruct the behaviors of these fantastic animals.

 July 31-Aug 4

 Mini Meteorologist Camp, ages 6-8
 Become a mini meteorologist and discover why and how the weather around us changes. Alongside our special exhibition Wild Weather, measure, record and report on the weather all week long and even create “snow” in the  middle of San Antonio! Before you know it, your Mini Meteorologist will be on the 6 o’clock news!

 Wild Weather Camp, ages 9-12
 Dodge torrential downpours, trek through tornadoes and beat the summer heat during Wild Weather Camp! Get ready to explore our special exhibition Wild Weather to see how science and climate collide. As mighty  meteorologists, we will track the week’s weather and even create some of our own!