Calendar of Tours

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All participants of Witte Museum Rock Art Foundation tours and events must complete the Liability Release Form before participating. Please read this carefully. Your Guide will have a form for you to sign when you arrive for your tour.

By signing this form and participating, you also confirm that you have read and will abide by the Tour Guidelines and Expectations.

About Our Tours


The Witte Museum is proud to offer you access to its Rock Art Foundation White Shaman Preserve, named for the Foundation as donors.

In addition to weekly (every Saturday) tours to White Shaman, the Witte Museum also offers seasonal guided tours to numerous additional prehistoric and historic sites throughout the Lower Pecos region of West Texas. These tours are only possible through the kind cooperation and generosity of various landowners. The Witte firmly supports their rights as private landowners, who act as fabulous stewards for these irreplaceable archaeological treasures. With trust and friendship, they have offered their properties on these limited dates as a truly unique experience. Witte Museum members will receive discounted tickets to all Witte Museum Rock Art Foundation guided tours.

THE WHITE SHAMAN PRESERVE (Every Saturday; Sept-May)

These tours are limited to 10 participants. Children 12 and up.

2020 Tours Announced

October 17, 2020 (SOLD OUT) White Shaman Tour Register
October 24, 2020 (SOLD OUT) White Shaman Tour Register
October 31, 2020 (SOLD OUT) White Shaman Tour Register
November 7, 2020 (SOLD OUT) White Shaman Tour Register
November 14, 2020 (SOLD OUT) White Shaman Tour Register
November 21, 2020 (SOLD OUT) White Shaman Tour Register
November 28, 2020 (SOLD OUT) White Shaman Tour Register
December 5, 2020 (SOLD OUT) Bonfire Shelter Eagle Cave Tour Register
December 5, 2020 White Shaman Tour Register
December 12, 2020 White Shaman Tour Register
December 19, 2020 White Shaman Tour Register
December 26, 2020 White Shaman Tour Register

Please register online by following the links above.

White Shaman Preserve Tours are $15 per person. 

Join the Witte Museum Rock Art Foundation for a tour of one of the most remarkable and well-photographed rock art sites in the Lower Pecos. The White Shaman panel’s meaning and the techniques used to create it have been the subject of intense scholarly research and many publications. It is one of the most spectacular surviving examples, for example, of the use of rare white paint.
More information on this fascinating, truly one-of-a-kind archeological site can be found in the ground-breaking book, Painters in Prehistory: Archeology and Art of the Lower Pecos Canyonlands, by Witte Museum Curator of Archeology Dr. Harry Shafer (Trinity University Press, 2013) and The White Shaman Mural by Dr. Carolyn Boyd (University of Texas Press, 2016). These books are both available for purchase at the Witte Museum.

Driving Directions/Where to Meet:
Meet your guide at the entrance gate to the Rock Art Foundation White Shaman Preserve of the Witte Museum. The gate is approximately 42 miles west of Del Rio on Highway 90.

    1. Leave Del Rio heading west on Hwy 90 to Comstock about 32 miles.
    2. Continue past Comstock heading west on Hwy 90 to Seminole Canyon State Park – about 9 miles.
    3. Continue past the entrance to Seminole Canyon State Park approximately 1.5 miles to the gate to the Witte Museum Rock Art Foundation White Shaman Preserve.
    4. If you go over the Pecos River high bridge, you have gone too far.

The physical address is 42535 West U.S. Highway 90; Comstock TX 78837
Be prepared for a prompt departure from the gate at 12:30 p.m. The tour should be complete by 2:00 p.m. The tour is about two miles round trip. The hike requires climbing numerous stairs and steep grades with loose rocks. Participants must be in good physical condition.

The White Shaman Site is a 250′ descent into a narrow brushy canyon. It can be extremely hot and humid. The trail is steep with loose rocks and uneven footing. The round-trip is approx. 1.5 miles this is a strenuous hike. Tour takes approximately 90 minutes.

Here is a brief video to give you a sense of the difficulty of the hike: White Shaman Hike Video



Reservations are mandatory for all Seasonal Tours to the sites below.

Seasonal Tours are priced as follows:

Non-Members: $40
Witte Museum Members: $35
Witte Museum Quillin Members: Free

Children must be at least 12 years old. Parents are responsible for the supervision and safety of their children. Desert tours are not recommended for anyone with walking or balance issues. We will be in isolated locations where a response to a medical emergency or injury will be difficult and lengthy. The Guide in charge of each tour will evaluate each individual’s ability to participate in the tour and may limit participation accordingly.

Bonfire Shelter/Eagle Cave
Located near Langtry, Bonfire Shelter (the bison kill site depicted in the exhibit at Seminole Canyon State Park & Historic Site) dates to 12,000 years BP and is the oldest example in the new world of the kill strategy demonstrated here. Eagle Cave, a large occupational site, is found in the same canyon. This tour involves a 100′ descent into a canyon – no trail- deep loose rocks make walking difficult. Participants must be able to climb over large boulders. This is a strenuous walk or approx. 1.75 miles round-trip. Tour is limited to 25 participants.

Meyers Springs
Located near Dryden, Texas, Meyers Springs, on The National Register of Historic Places, is considered one of the “must see” rock art sites in Texas. The Meyers Springs site features a 100′ long prehistoric and historic rock art panel near the spring and the site of historic Camp Meyers, a western outpost of the Seminole Negro Indian Scouts assigned to Fort Clark in Brackettville during the late 1800s. The site is nine miles by dirt road followed by a short walk on defined trails of loose rock and uneven terrain. It’s an easy walk. Tour is limited to 35 participants.

Halo Shelter
Located near the Devil’s River north of Comstock, Halo features many of the typical icons of Pecos River style rock art plus some unusual compositions and color schemes. Be prepared for rough roads high clearance vehicles are a must and 4-wheel drive is preferred. The rope-assisted climb in and out of the canyon is difficult. Gloves are useful. Tour is limited to 15 participants.

Fate Bell, Shelter
For a complete listing of Seminole Canyon State Park events, not by the Witte Museum, please click here

Fate Bell tours are offered at 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday no reservations are needed. Afternoon tours are suspended during June, July and August. These are the hottest months of the year and the high heat index during these months can pose a significant danger to those not acclimated to the intense heat of the desert. The Fate Bell shelter is a 250′ descent over paved trails into a wide clear canyon. Roundtrip is approximately 1.5 miles a strenuous walk.

Tour dates are subject to cancellation/revision due to weather conditions, extreme heat (over 100 degrees), limited participation, road conditions and lake levels.

It is always a good idea to confirm prior to your trip by calling the Witte Museum Reservation Desk at 210-357-1910.


How to purchase Tickets for admission to Guided Tours

• Click on the links above
• By phone by calling the Reservations Office (210) 357-1910 at least 7 days in advance of selected tour date
• In person at the Witte Museum Admissions Desk at least 7 days in advance of selected tour date.