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“Being Healthy In High School”

As an underclassman, nacho day was my personal favorite. But when I was selected as an H-E-B Body Adventure Buddy, it dawned on me to ask… “what am I really eating?” I then found out that all my favorite cafeteria foods were loaded in sodium, carbs, fat and calories. Now I’m a junior (11th grade) and I pack my lunches full of fruits, grains, and yogurt. The benefits have been great. I have more energy, I’m healthier, and I’ve even lost weight! Being healthy has made me so much happier! 

  • You can make healthier lunch choices too–see if your school carries salads, fat free milk, and fresh fruit, as these are great options.
  • If you pack your lunch, just pack fresh fruit instead of cookies and a turkey sandwich on whole wheat instead of PB&J.
  • After lunch, for an extra boost, take the stairs instead of the ramp, or go the long way to your class (but don’t be late). Just by making these small changes, can change your life in the long run.