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Dinosaur Gallery / Dino Lab

The Naylor Family Dinosaur Gallery: Opening Spring 2017

Step into the past as you tour the new Dinosaur Gallery. Follow the large carnivorous Acrocanthosaurus, as it leaves it tracks along the ancient shoreline of Texas. Explore predator and prey, as a mosasaur hunts for dinner in the ancient seas that once covered this land. Behold the massive skeleton of the legendary predator Tyrannosaurus rex as the giant pterosaur Quetzalcoatlus flies overhead.

In the new Dino Lab you will discover what fossils can tell us about what life was like when dinosaurs roamed Texas. Compare the jaws and teeth of meat eaters with those of plant eaters. Learn what ancient footprints can tell us about dinosaur behavior. See the links between dinosaurs and modern-day birds.

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