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“It’s Easy Being Green”

As an HEB Buddy I have learned more about my body, choices and what wellness means to me. I started to be a vegetarian when I was nine because I was learning about where food comes from and I wanted to try it out. I realized that it is a fit for me and here are some things I have learned:

  • There are amazing plant based foods from so many cultures, so have fun exploring Indian, Thai, or Spanish recipes.
  • There are so many options for protein to make sure your body has fuel, like whole grains, tofu and beans.
  • There are vegetarian athletes!  I play basketball, baseball and football and have all the energy I need
  • I love to cook, and paying attention to the kinds of food you eat and how they are prepared gives you more reason to cook at home.
  • Veggies are everywhere!  Visit your grocery store, the farmer’s market or start a garden in your back yard.  We always have fresh herbs from the garden and it makes everything taste better!