Home School Day

August 20, 2021

What better way to spend a day than immersing your students in the Witte Museum!  Join us on Friday, August 20, 2021 for Home School Day: Extreme Creatures.  Your admission will include all of the galleries and access to our latest traveling exhibit – Extreme Creatures: Life at the Limits  plus a Natural History program. We are offering two programs which to choose: “Creatures of the Cretaceous” (Grades 3-5) and “Creature Features” (Grades K-2).  Click on the links below to register for the time convenient for you!

Imagine holding your breath for up to two hours …Gulping down a snack 10 times your own weight …Living in crushing depths where there is no sunlight to support life. Somewhere on this planet, an organism is using one of these extraordinary talents to go about its daily tasks. Extreme Creatures: Life at the Limits closes on September 6th at the Witte Museum, offers a fascinating glimpse of the breathtaking diversity of the natural world and the power of natural selection to shape exceptional responses to the challenges, and opportunities, of life on Earth.

Featuring life-size and larger-than-life models, videos, and interactive exhibits, Extreme Creatures: Life at the Limits highlights an array of living things with surprising ways of thriving in harsh environments, finding a mate or their next meal, leveraging strength, endurance, speed, and more.

Learn about extreme creatures from around the world and then get an in-depth look into Texas extreme creatures!

Creature Features will cultivate critical thinking through an investigation of adaptation. Students will explore Texas ecosystems and make observations and hypotheses about animal features. Creature Features is sure to enhance your students’ interest and knowledge of the ecologically diverse state of Texas. Science – 1.1 A; 1.2 A,E; 1.9 A,C; 1.10 A

In “Creatures of the Cretaceous” study the creatures of the land, water and sky.  Dinosaurs were not alone during the Cretaceous Period!  Students will investigate dinosaurs, mosasaurs, pterosaurs, crocodiles and the other Cretaceous Period creatures that made prehistoric Texas their home millions of years ago. Science – 4.3 A,B,C; 4.4; 4.7 B; 4.10 A

Cost: $8 per person (non-member); $5 per person (member) and under 3 years of age is free and includes museum admission, access to Extreme Creatures: Life at the Limits, and one program.

For additional information, contact us at reservations@wittemuseum.org or call 210-357-1910.

9:30 a.m. – Creature Features (grades K-2) 


10:30 a.m. – Creatures of the Cretaceous (grades 3-5)


11:30 a.m. – Creature Features (grades K-2)


12:30 p.m. – Creatures of the Cretaceous (grades 3-5)