Sensory Sunday at the Witte

Sensory Sunday at the Witte invites individuals and families with disabilities or sensory processing differences to explore a section of the museum in an extra-accessible and comfortable environment. This exclusive before-hours event features:

A welcoming, less crowded environment

Light, sound and distraction reduction

Sunglasses and earplugs available on request

A designated “Chill Zone” quiet space

A designated eating area

Extra sensory-friendly activities

In order to keep this event sensory-friendly, we may ask some families to delay their entry into the event.

Questions or concerns? Please contact the Witte Museum team at 210-357-1910.

Would you like to visit another time?

Everyone is always welcome at the Witte! If you would like to plan another visit during regular operating hours, we offer these suggestions:

Visit on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday afternoon for a quieter experience.

Sunglasses, earplugs, and wheelchairs are available on request at the Walker Admissions Desk.

If you need a quiet place for a break, consider visiting the H-E-B Body Adventure Underground. We also have a first-aid room available upon request.

Food and drink are available for sale in The Market. Outside food is permitted and may be enjoyed in The Market or designated outdoor areas on the museum campus.

Announcements are made over the loudspeaker at the end of the day to announce closing time.

Plan your visit by picking up a copy of the map and daily schedule at the Walker Admissions Desk.

Sensory Sunday Narrative