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Corporate Membership

The Witte Museum invites your company to become a Corporate Member and journey into the fascinating world of history, science, and culture. Involvement in the Witte’s Corporate Membership Program is both a practical and gratifying component of your strategic business plan.

A Corporate Membership to the Witte is a bold demonstration of your commitment to helping further the Witte’s mission. Corporate Membership allows your company to benefit from the Witte’s expertise by offering your employees and clients the opportunity to engage in a variety of interactive learning experiences for people of all ages. The Witte has earned a reputation for presenting important historical, scientific, and cultural issues that affect each and every one of us. Ninety years of in-depth research and collaboration have resulted in dynamic exhibits and programs.

Your company’s participation in the Witte Corporate Membership Program ensures that the Witte continues to bring outstanding exhibits and programs to South Texas and secures the strong foundation necessary for continued growth. Working together, we will enrich lives, promote a quality and balanced life for all South Texans and set the stage for lifelong learning.

For more information, please contact Justin Muñoz, Vice President of Development, at 210.357.1894 or email