Land Stewardship Ambassadors Program

The goal of the program is to increase awareness of land stewardship principles, promote civic engagement in today’s youth and inspire students to obtain careers that support land stewardship.

The principals of land stewardship can be applied in both urban and rural settings while students from diverse backgrounds can learn from and inspire one another to think critically about how we care for the land. 

  • Two groups of 15 students will be selected from Laredo and San Antonio
  • Applicants will be selected by a committee of Witte and East representatives
  • Students will receive a college-style syllabus and have assignments to prepare for each session’s 2-hour seminar to be held on Sunday afternoons
  • East Foundation staff will facilitate the Laredo program and Witte Museum staff will facilitate the San Antonio program
  • Students must participate in 7 out of the 8 initial sessions, the last two sessions, complete all assignments to qualify for a $400 stipend
  • Outside experts will be invited as guest speakers
  • Careers associated with each week’s topic will be explored
  • At the end of the semester-long program, students will be required to give a public presentation about a topic related to land stewardship



Weekly Schedule

Week 1

Overview of the LSA Program and of the Partners, Icebreakers

Week 2

History of Conservation, Conservation Leaders, Landscape Timeline of San Antonio and Laredo

Week 3

Human Dimensions of Land Stewardship: Social Attitudes, processes, and behaviors related to how we use our natural resources

Week 4

Political: What does it mean to be an advocate? What role can you play in influencing policy? Reflect on the policy that has influenced how we manage our natural resources

Week 5

Economics: Show me the money- looking at the economic engine behind our food, fiber, water and wildlife

Week 6

Water: Watershed basics and how land stewardship influences their water quality and quantity

Week 7

Wildlife: Principals of wildlife management as well as the conflict between society’s infrastructure needs and wildlife’s need for open space

Week 8

Diversity: Importance of gender and ethnic diversity in the population that recreates outdoors and professionals that care for our natural resources

Week 9

Weekend at the Witte: Laredo group is overnight at the Witte while San Antonio group comes in for the day. Both groups will spend the day touring the Witte, participating in activities in the East Foundation Land Stewardship Lab (Land Ethics) as well as practicing their presentations with one another

Week 10

Weekend at San Antonio Viejo Ranch: San Antonio group is overnight while Laredo group comes in for the day. Both groups will participate in activities within the cattle and research programs of the East Foundation. There will also be teambuilding activities along with a wrap-up discussion allowing both groups to share with each other their takeaways.