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“A De-Stressed Lifestyle”

While participating in the H-E-B Buddy Body Adventure I learned many things to help me with my overall health, but the best benefit was to learn how to manage my stress level.

  • First, I started with eating healthier and becoming more active. My personal experience with eating balanced meals was particularly important, because I would often skip meals and this would affected me adversely when working long hours.
  • Exercising helped me manage my day to day stress. One of the best ways for me to deal with stress is to get a good work out (running or cycling, lifting weights). Working out really takes my mind off things and gives me a bit more energy in addition to helping me refocus my efforts.
  • Taking time for myself and doing things I enjoy helped me be less stressed as well. When I go swim, garden, or take the kids to the park I enjoy myself!
  • Planning ahead also helped me feel calm. When I plan what I need to do, and what things I should do for the next day, it helps me rest better. Then I am able to end my day with plenty of sleep.