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“Smart Shopping = Recipe Altering Techniques”

Since discovering jarred grilled eggplant and sundried tomatoes in the store, my “San Antonio Parmesan” has been a favorite personal invention to make. All you need is a baking pan, tortillas, grilled eggplant or sundried tomatoes, sauce, cheese, and a few minutes in the oven. As I have tried to eat healthier I have experimented with modifying this recipe by:

  • Using whole grain fat free tortillas
  • Making sure the sauce was low fat and contained lots of vegetables
  • Using fat free cheese

I have also noticed that the stores now carry sun dried tomatoes in the bag so you could even eliminate the fat calories that come from the olive oil that is in the jar, but since my great-grandfather had an olive orchard in Italy and lived to the ripe age of 97, I figure a little olive oil can be part of my healthy lifestyle too.