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Maya: Hidden World Revealed – Opening Weekend!

They’re one of the most sophisticated and powerful civilizations of all time. They invented calendar and mathematical systems of remarkable precision and accuracy well before the advent of the atomic clock. And they discovered the delicious allure of the cacao bean long before we ever turned it into chocolate bars. These ancient accomplishments just begin to scratch the surface as to how the Maya have deeply impacted society today. And now the mysteries of the Maya are being unlocked in ways never imagined, which has made this civilization more relatable, vibrant, and relevant than ever before.

For the first time, archeologists are sharing the secrets about this fascinating society in a singular and unforgettable museum experience.Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed is the largest traveling exhibition about the Maya ever to be toured in the United States. It uses a combination of authentic artifacts along with multimedia and interactive, hands-on activities to reveal our deep ties to this astonishing civilization. This is the Texas premier of this unprecedented exhibition.