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Mind of the Maya Series


Immerse yourself in the world of the Maya!
Explore the world through the eyes of these ancient architects, astronomers and artisans, and discover how this dynamic culture continues through the present day. 
Join Maya scholars and Witte curators for this special series of presentations that complement the incredible  exhibit, Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed,
in the new Mays Family Center.

Experience the Mind of the Maya Series AND enjoy Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed 

Members: $16

Adults: $20

Students: $10

Special Packages
Purchase all five Maya presentations and receive a discounted rate.
Best Value: $72
Student’s Best Value: $40

*Please note Meet the Maya on April 27th takes place before the exhibit opens. Exhibition admission will not be charged.

Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Meet the Maya
April 27
An introduction to the world of rich culture and deep intrigue, join Maya scholars Kathryn Brown, PhD and Jason Yaeger, PhD from the University of Texas at San Antonio to learn more about the Maya world and Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed.
*Please note Meet the Maya on April 27th takes place before the exhibit opens. Exhibition admission will not be charged.

Making Meaning
May 18
Dr. David Stuart, renowned Maya archaeologist and epigrapher, and director of the Mesoamerica Institute at the University of Texas at Austin explores the cosmology and hieroglyphs of the ancient Maya.

Making a Living
When: June 15
Stelae and murals tell the stories of the elite, but what was life like for everyday men and women? Join renowned Mayanist Dr. Norman Hammond, Professor Emeritus of Archaeology at Boston University, for a special presentation about Maya lifeways.

Master Builders
When: July 20
Dr. Arlen Chase from the University of Central Florida, whose groundbreaking work on the Maya is featured in the exhibit, architectural historian Edward Burian and visual archaeologist Leah McCurdy take an in depth look at the work of these ancient architects.

Maya Today
August 17
The world of the ancient Maya may be obscured by time and the mystery of its symbols, but the Maya maintain a vibrant culture that both honors their heritage and continues to evolve within the modern world. Dr. Jennifer Mathews of Trinity University and Dr. Bryan Bayles, Witte Curator of Anthropology and Health invite you to discover the world of the Maya through the historic and contemporary periods.

Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed is generously supported by the Orr Family Foundation and the City of San Antonio Department for Culture and Creative Development. The Mind of Maya Series is presented by The Orr Family Foundation.