School Programs

Shaded by 300-year-old Bald Cypress trees, you and your students begin their journey at the Feik Family Orientation Pavilion located on Broadway at the bend of the San Antonio River. 

In the new Valero Great Hall you will begin your encounter with an opportunity to explore geological time at the Texas Deep Time wall. You and your students will then embark on an immersive journey through Texas in the Gates Mineral Company Orientation Theater.

The New Witte will inspire your students to learn through exhibits and programs that focus on:

  • Dinosaurs and other creatures that roamed the land, water and sky millions of years ago in what is now called Texas
  • Hunters and gatherers of the Lower Pecos region who thrived by knowing the land, water and sky thousands of years ago and
  • Early settlers and legendary personas who experienced changes to the land, water and sky as they settled Texas hundreds of years ago.


School programs at the Witte are learner-centered, inquiry-based and enhance classroom curriculum through hands-on activities. They provide multi-sensory experiences, promote cooperative learning, foster critical thinking in science, art and history, encourage creativity and invite interactions with the real thing: specimens, artifacts and works of art! All Witte student programs are connected to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, or TEKS.

For full program descriptions, visit our Fall 2017 Educators Guide

To request a field trip visit and/or a school program, visit our Group Request formIf you are ready to make a reservation, contact Witte Museum Guest Reservations at 210.357.1910 or

All programs are TEKS aligned, inquiry-based, hands-on and relate to students’ everyday experiences. For more information, click here.