Witte Museum Educational Outreach

Let us bring our programs to you!

A new school year has begun, which means new opportunities for you and your students from the Witte Museum. This fall we are offering more outreach opportunities than ever before, bringing our beloved museum programming straight to your school! Our outreach programs are ideal for assembly-style learning, and include engaging TEKS-aligned content that is sure to encourage student excitement for learning.

Are you interested in booking a program? Our team will work with you to accommodate the best day and time to fit into your school schedule. Tour our offerings below and contact our Reservations Team at Reservations@WitteMuseum.org or 210-357-1910 to book your program today.

We are also taking reservations for any of our in-person programming at the Museum. Modifications will be made to adhere to city and CDC guidelines for safety. Explore these offerings at www.WitteConnections.org.

Gallery Theater Presentations

Book a Gallery Theater program to be performed at your school! Choose from a variety of demonstrations. Each presentation is 15 minutes in length and includes an engaging performance by a Witte Museum InterActor, plus an additional 15 minutes of Q&A time with the presenter. Each performance can host a maximum of 60 students.

Book additional performances and save! 
$150 for 1 performance, $175 for 2 performances; $200 for 3 performances, $50 for each additional performance.

Program Offerings by Grade Level

Health & Wellness: Captain Calcium (Grades K – 12) 
What kinds of bones do we have, why are they important and how do we keep them healthy? Join the superhero Captain Calcium to find out more!
Health & Wellness: Peristaltic Plumber (Grades K – 12)
Do you have a question about your digestion? Join the Peristaltic Plumber to find out how your food turns into poop! 
Texas History: Ropes and Brands (Grades K – 12) 
Explore how cowboys and vaqueros used ropes and brands on trail drives and ranches in Texas during the late 1800’s. Find out which of these practices are still used today!
Texas History: Chuck Box Cuisine (Grades K – 12) 
Find out who the “Bean Wrangler” is and what he might carry in his chuckbox on long trail drives across North America. Would you have what it takes to do this important job? 
Texas History: Dressing for the Job (Grades K – 12) 
How did cowboys and vaqueros dress to protect themselves during a hard day’s work? Discover how chaps, boots, hats and more played a vital role in the life of a Texas cowboy. 
Dinosaurs: AgujaceraTalks (Grades K – 12) 
Meet Dr. Dug and our brand new baby Agujaceratops to find out what makes this particular dinosaur so special, all while discovering the role that paleontologists and geologists play in learning about the creatures of Texas’ past.