STEAM Sunday

Can’t get enough STEAM? Join the Witte for STEAM Sunday! Add to your Witte experience with hands-on explorations of exciting Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.

What can levers teach us about dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures? Explore the mechanics of levers and how they make the jaw work. Inspired by the exhibition The Machine Inside: Biomechanics, this workshop challenges you to try your hand at biomimicry (engineering something that resembles living creatures). See if you can figure out which dinos had a fast bite and which dinos had a strong bite as you build your own working jaw model.

Recommended for all ages over 5. Program runs approximately 45-60 minutes.

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April 11, 2021


 What does it take to protect a fragile structure? Explore the physics of impacts and how that informs safety features in cars. Inspired by the exhibition The Machine Inside: Biomechanics and the Witte’s expert partners at Biodynamic Research Corporation, this workshop challenges you to engineer a safety system. Discover different strategies to reduce the force of an impact that is transferred to a passenger as you design, build, and test a protective capsule.

May 2, 2021


What makes water so special? Explore the unique chemical and physical properties of water and discover how these properties play an important role in the natural world. In a series of hands-on investigations, you’ll learn about cohesion, adhesion, solubility, and more. Use your new understandings about water to create your very own work of art.

June 6, 2021


How did dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals survive the extreme challenges of their natural world? Explore the features that made it possible for dinos to live in their environments. Inspired by the exhibition Life at the Extremes: Nature’s Superheroes, this workshop challenges you to identify the adaptations that make it possible for animals to thrive. Discover how different combinations of traits help paleontologists understand prehistoric creatures as you imagine your own uniquely adapted SuperDino!

Purchase includes socially-distanced table and all supplies needed for activity. Witte Museum admission is required and is not included in price.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

The Witte Museum is committed to your safety. During the pandemic, STEAM Sunday workshops will ensure physically distanced tables, individual sets of supplies, sanitized spaces, reduced room capacity, and mask-wearing policies.