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Fiesta Looks to the Skies

Gaze upwards to the celestial canvas above with Fiesta Looks to the Skies. This year’s annual Fiesta® exhibition—opening just in time for the Total Eclipse in San Antonio— showcases extravagant gowns, trains and formalwear of Fiesta royalty that draw inspiration from the sky and stars above.

Over the past 115 years, many coronation robes have reflected our wondrous fascination with the skies. This exhibition celebrates our timeless fascination with the heavens, showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship and celestial themes woven into each regal garment. From the 1920 blue-green sequined Queen of the Court of Birds gown to the fireworks and skyrockets on the train of the 1965 Duchess of Fiery Festivals, you’ll be transported to the heavens as you admire the artistry and craftsmanship in these stunning works of art.

Special Thanks

Fiesta Looks to the Skies is generously supported by the Fiesta® San Antonio Commission, Inc.

Exhibition Highlights

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Black, white, teal and green Fiesta medal with space capsule and Earth

2024 Witte Fiesta® Medal and Pin—available exclusively in the Bolner Family Museum Store.

Visit the Bolner Family Museum Store to purchase your 2024 collectible medal or pin and other official Fiesta® merchandise. This year’s Witte medal was inspired by the train worn by Dolly Celeste Altgelt, the Duchess of Adventurous Astronauts in the 1969 Court of Time and Space. The Duchess’ coronation robe, on display in the exhibition, features a silver space capsule and Earth on a cascading river of sparkling stars.

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