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National Geographic’s Monster Fish

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Exhibition Closed – This is a past exhibition that is no longer at the Witte Museum.

Dive beneath the surface and get an up close look at the fascinating (and often mysterious) giant fish swimming in rivers all over the world. With National Geographic’s Monster Fish: In Search of the Last River Giants, you’ll discover these rare, colossal fresh-water fish and how local people depend on them. From mythical tales and storied traditions to threats and conservation efforts, gain a greater appreciation for the important role of Monster Fish in both culture and ecosystems.

man with yellow coat and red hat holding a large fish while standing in a river
Photo by Rebecca Hale/National Geographic

Inspired by Nat Geo WILD’s hit TV Show!

Size Up the Legendary Fish

Explore life-size, lavishly detailed sculptures of Monster Fish as well as information about nearly 20 fish species. Plus, enjoy live fish in aquariums representing various Texas river habitats.

Monster Fish of Texas

See fossil fragments of the ancient gar, whose ancestors have been swimming in the region’s rivers for more than 215 million years, and the enormous Xiphactinus, known as the “terror fish of the Cretaceous seas.” Models of Texas Record Fish will be on display from the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center, including alligator gar, paddlefish, largemouth bass (known as ShareLunkers) and the 121.5-pound blue catfish “Splash,” the former world and current state record blue catfish.

The Witte has also partnered with the San Antonio River Authority to showcase native species found in the San Antonio River, including the extensive variety of freshwater mussels, and invasive animals, such as Plecostomus and apple snail, which threaten the river.

Learn through Play

Enjoy interactive games throughout the exhibition to learn about how monster fish grow, how scientists study them and how anglers and others can help fish thrive.

Zeb Hogan Boat Expedition

Climb aboard a stylized boat and go on a virtual expedition starring Monster Fish TV series host Zeb Hogan, Ph.D., as you witness the lengths to which he goes to find and document the world’s monster fish.

The intersection of nature, science and culture
In addition to highlighting the biology and ecology of each species, discover the cultural ties between the fish and local people at Monster Fish.

Monster Fish: In Search of the Last River Giants is developed and traveled by the National Geographic Society

Special Thanks

Monster Fish: In Search of the Last River Giants is generously supported by the Will Smith Foundation, Mary Pat and Mike Bolner, and the San Antonio River Authority.

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