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Surviving Space: Astronauts & Asteroids

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Discover what it takes to become a space explorer and an Earth defender!

Experience life as an astronaut through hands-on activities, see real NASA artifacts and learn how scientists are defending the planet from catastrophic asteroid impacts in Surviving Space: Astronauts & Asteroids.

mother and son stand inside 'space lab'

Experience What It Takes to Become an Astronaut

Take on some of the challenges involved in becoming an astronaut—including a g-force simulator—and then blast off to the space lab where you’ll discover the realities of life in space and complete various missions before returning to Earth.

Explore Real NASA Artifacts

See authentic NASA artifacts—from a model of a Mars rover to flight suits—on loan from Space Center Houston.

Girl looks at wall panel of meteorite and dinosaur skeleton.

Discover What Happens When Mysterious Objects from Space Collide with Earth

Learn what happened in Texas when an asteroid crashed into Earth 66 million years ago, causing a mass extinction, killing off most dinosaurs and many other plants and animals. Find out how San Antonio scientists are protecting the planet, working with NASA to divert asteroids in space and avoid the next colossal collision.

See Evidence of Past Meteorite Impacts and Touch a Real Meteorite

Examine authentic meteorite shards from impact craters, learn about the Sudbury Basin, get hands on with tektites and view Libyan Desert Glass, a rare impactite likely created when a meteorite landed 29 million years ago.

This exhibition is created by Scitech Discovery Centre, Perth, Australia and produced by Imagine Exhibitions, Inc.

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Surviving Space: Astronauts & Asteroids at the Witte Museum is presented by PNC Bank and is generously supported by the Jeanie Rabke Wyatt Family Foundation and the Mary Pat and Michael Bolner Exhibition Endowment Fund.

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