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Permanent Gallery

McLean Family Texas Wild Gallery

Immerse yourself in the dramatic environments of Texas. From the Rio Grande Valley to the Panhandle Plains, from the East Texas piney woods to the West Texas deserts and mountains–the wildlife is as diverse as the vast territory it inhabits. Get up close and personal with more than 150 Texas animals.

Peer into the rocky bat cave and watch as the bats prepare to leave for the evening, ready to feast on thousands of insects every night.

Stand under a vast Texas sky as birds fly by, the clouds roll in and thunder booms. Walk through dynamic dioramas, each representing one of the state’s drastically different habitats, which provide homes for 1,245 kinds of wildlife—more than any other state.

Look up at the towering bison of the Central Prairie region as they carve the landscape with their hooves, creating small pockets where plant seeds grow. Peek down into the ground to find hidden gophers tunneling a maze of burrows. More of a cat person? Head to the Rio Grande Valley, home to four of the five wild cats of America: jaguar, mountain lion, jaguarondi and ocelot.

Wide shot of wildlife gallry

Find out how we know what we know!

  • Hummingbirds use plant fibers, stems, bark, lichen, and even flower petals and spider webs to make nests for their eggs, the tiniest of all the bird species.
  • Examine a coyote’s skull to see what they eat. Their sharp teeth and front-facing eyes evolved to chase prey and eat meat, but they also have molars to chew up rats, mice and even people’s garbage.
  • Check out the real thing for yourself. Visit the Live Lab to see how corn snakes slither, what toads eat and how tarantulas sched their exoskeleton.

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