McLean Family Texas Wild Gallery

The beloved dioramas of the Witte, as well as a few new ones, make a grand statement in the McLean Family Texas Wild Gallery, where a state-of-the-art, high-tech space with immersive galleries showcases the uniqueness of Texas. In the Texas Wild Gallery, you will explore the various ecosystems of the state and the flora and fauna which fill these regions.

From the Mary West and Richard Traylor Sounds of South Texas immersive diorama to the big Texas Sky, you will encounter the flora and fauna only found in the wild. All ecological zones of Texas are represented in astonishingly detailed dioramas: Linda and Ed Whitacre Thorn Brush; Gary Woods Central Prairie, McLean Family West Texas Mountains, Hill Country and Piney Woods, among many others.

The gallery showcases how Texas is at the crossroads of the deciduous forests of the southeast United States, the grasslands of the Central Plains, the deserts and mountains of the Southwest and the brush lands and tropical habitats of the South. This variety of habitats make Texas the home of more wildlife species than any other state. Whether it be the hot deserts or the cool mountains, Texas is home to almost every land feature.

The SWBC Live Lab will offer multiple opportunities to learn about the fascinating creatures which make Texas home: from some of state’s creepy, crawly critters to the gentle Texas Tortoise!

In the East Foundation Land Stewardship Lab, you can engage in interactives about the importance of Texas land stewardship.