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Permanent Gallery

Naylor Family Dinosaur Gallery

With just one step into the Naylor Family Dinosaur Gallery, travel millions of years into the past. Explore the amazing animals of land, sea and sky during the Cretaceous Period, more than 110 million years ago, in what is now Texas.

Come face to face with the skeleton of meat-eating Acrocanthosaurus. Beneath its massive feet, notice its fossil footprints and learn how dinosaurs walked along the shoreline when vast shallow seas covered what is now San Antonio.

From this, move to the deep ocean to discover Tylosaurus, the meat-eating marine reptile, and Protostega, a mysterious sea turtle that swam swiftly through the seas, and then on to the coastal marshes, home to the enormous crocodile, Deinosuchus. Check out the land of giants, home to Tyrannosaurus rex, while gazing upwards with wonder as the impossibly large flying reptile, Quetzalcoatlus, soars overhead.

Dinosaur lobby

Find out how we know what we know!

  • Trace fossils like footprints, eggs, and coprolites (fossilized poop) show which animals were present, but also what they were doing.
  • Hadrosaurs (or “duck-billed” dinosaurs) could have up to 120 teeth arranged in a tightly packed group for powerful grinding and crushing of abrasive plants.
  • Mosasaurs fed on a wide range of prey. They have been found with the remains of sharks, fish, sea turtles, smaller mosasaurs, and birds in their stomach when they died.

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