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Witte Museum Outreach

We always want your first choice to be to come visit the Witte Museum, but we understand it is not always possible. In that situation, the Witte can come to you!

Our Programs Team is able to present to one class, one grade level or an entire school!

If this is of interest, please email the Witte at with your choice of program, the number of students, and your desired date. Programs must be booked at least 30 days in advance. The fee will depend on the program requested and the number of times the program is presented.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Outreach Program Offerings:

Man Standing in front of the Chuckbox Cuisine

Gallery Theater Presentations

Bring your studies to life with Gallery Theater, Live! Each presentation is 30 minutes in length and includes an engaging performance by a Witte Museum InterActor, Q&A time with the presenter and a downloadable activity sheet.

  • Cost: $150per program
  • Monday –Friday
  • 30 minute program offered as available from 9:30 a.m. –4:00 p.m.
  • Includes: Activity sheet
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Captain Calcium (Grades K –12)

What kinds of bones do we have, why are they important and how do we keep them healthy? Join the superhero Captain Calcium to find out more!
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Peristaltic Plumber (Grades K –12)

Do you have a question about your digestion? Join the Peristaltic Plumber to find out how your food turns into poop!

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Ropes and Brands (Grades K –12)

Explore how cowboys and vaqueros used ropes and brands on trail drives and ranches in Texas during the late 1800’s. Find out which of these practices are still used today!

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Chuck Box Cuisine (Grades K –12)

Find out who the “Bean Wrangler” is and what he might carry in his chuckbox on long trail drives across North America. Would you have what it takes to do this important job?

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Dressing for the Job (Grades K –12)

How did cowboys and vaqueros dress to protect themselves during a hard day’s work? Discover how chaps, boots, hats and more played a vital role in the life of a Texas cowboy.

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AgujaceraTalks (Grades K –12)

Meet Dr. Dug and our brand new baby Agujaceratopsto find out what makes this particular dinosaur so special, all while discovering the role that paleontologists and geologists play in learning about the creatures of Texas’ past.