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Wonder with the Witte Podcast

When was the last time you really wondered about something?

Like where did the dinosaurs go? Or which chili is the grandfather of all peppers? Or who holds the keys to the Alamo?

The Witte inspires people to shape the future of Texas through transformative and relevant experiences in Nature, Science and Culture. Now, we’re bringing you a podcast that bridges the natural world and the people who not only shape it, but are shaped by it.

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Series 1. Poison

Join us for the first series of our podcast, featuring poison, where we’ll explore what makes poison so dangerously alluring. A companion to The Power of Poison exhibition, at the Witte Museum for a limited time. Hosted by Witte Museum’s Abigail Jacks, Environmental Science Manager, and Daemon Piña, Health and Wellness Education Manager.


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